What is ePacket?

Everything you need to know about Shipping, Delivery, and Tracking

More businesses from all over the world are moving online, and more and more customers are making purchases from stores outside their country.

Nowadays it’s a lot easier to buy products thanks to ePacket shipping.

ePacket is a shipping option that allows merchants to provide a fast and affordable shipping option for light packages.

In the past it would often take over a month or longer for customers to receive their purchase. Other quicker options were too expensive, especially for small products.


What is ePacket shipping?

As the name (“e”Packet) implies, the shipping service was designed for ecommerce, letting consumers receive their purchases faster and more affordably from online stores and marketplaces.

ePacket has its own requirements when it comes to a package or parcel being sent. The maximum length of a package is 60 cm and the total length, height, and thickness of the package cannot be more than 90 cm.

What is ePacket tracking?

ePacket tracking gives customers end-to-end tracking at no additional cost, letting them easily monitor and locate their package on official websites. Any undeliverable mail is returned for free as well, which means merchants will have no issues refunding customers that never receive their purchase.

Order and ePacket tracking is beneficial because customers can self-serve and find out where exactly their package is and when to expect it. In turn, this reduces support inquiries about pending deliveries and improves the customer experience.

What is ePacket delivery?

ePacket delivery began as a quick and affordable shipping solution for merchants. Over the years, it has expanded into more than 40 ePacket countries, such as Australia and Canada.

ePacket delivery to the final destination is handled by the “local” carrier. When we say local, we mean carriers that operate within the country of the package destination—Australia Post, United States Post,  Canada Post, Royal Mail and Post Office, Japan Post, etc. Each carrier has its own delivery processes, fees, and package requirements.

Which countries have ePacket shipping available?

As of April 2020, 44 countries support ePacket deliveries

Which countries have ePacket shipping available

How long does ePacket take to be delivered?

On average, a package traveling can take 10–21 days to arrive from the date of shipment. Around half that time is spent reaching the destination, while the other half is spent being routed to the proper facilities before making it to the customer in the destination country.

Depending on the destination of the package, customs, holidays, and other delays, shipping times can vary. However, ePacket shipping seems to be a much more consistent option in terms of average shipping times.

It’s important to realise that this is pretty fast considering the amount of packages that are processed in bulk every day along the way to their destination, as well as the number of stops one package goes through.

Fortunately, all of this can easily be monitored, thanks to the ePacket tracking service included with these deliveries, giving customers peace of mind while their package is on the way.

How to track an ePacket

Use one of the official websites by the “local” carrier. When we say local, we mean carriers that operate within the country of the package destination, depending on where your shipment is in transit.


How do I know if my shipment is an ePacket delivery?

Through a lot of work, we can proudly say that every package is sent with ePacket in Raikiri Store. You can check it yourself, it should say “ePacket” along with the description, also a tracking number will be provided if the package was indeed shipped using ePacket.

You can also determine how the package was shipped by looking at the tracking number. ePacket tracking numbers usually start with “L.” If there is no ePacket tracking number, it’s likely the package was shipped using a different method.

How does ePacket work?

ePacket shipping is one of the main factors, when deciding which products to sell. ePacket shipping allows customers to receive their purchase in a reasonable timeframe, while allowing them to track their order while they wait.

It’s also the most consistent option for merchants and customers. Other shipping options may not be as reliable, unless you consider more expensive shipping options.

Lastly, ePacket is generally offered as a free or inexpensive shipping option, that allows Raikiri Store to offer free shipping.


Ultimately, what’s the benefit of the ePacket service?

There are customers who will not tolerate a few weeks delivery time for a product to arrive. And the competition is always changing. It’s important to maintain perspective on why customers choose you.

ePacket is ideal for merchants that sell low to medium value items and want to save money on shipping costs. In Australia, packages typically take 15–30 days to arrive when using ePacket.